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If you consider yourself an investor of real estate, at any level, you know the importance of protecting your investments. You also know the importance of keeping your costs down to maximize your profits. At First Choice Insurance Services, LLC, we can help you put together an insurance portfolio that covers all your exposures while keeping your cost within budget. Whether you are career investor, home builder or first time landlord we have the markets and expertise to design the perfect solution for your insurance needs. 

Do you know the difference between Replacement Cost Coverage and Actual Cash Value? Do you have a property that was bought, remodeled, built, listed for sale or rented? Do you know each one of those is a different form of Insurance?  Do your properties qualify for a scheduled policy or is it better to insure individually? Do you have loss of rental income in the event of damage to the property that makes in uninhabitable for your tenants?  We can help you navigate the Insurance waters while you do what you do best, INVEST! It is our job to educate you on all those things. Claim time is not the time to evaluate coverages, Give us a call today for a complete evaluation! 

Type of Coverage Available:

Single Family Dwellings


Multi Family Units

Dwelling Fire

Builders Risk


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